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  1. Any colleague who volunteers to assist a solicitor in difficulty does so on a fully confidential basis and no information relating to the solicitor seeking assistance will be furnished to any third party without the prior written consent of that solicitor;

  1. No fee will be charged by the volunteer solicitor for his or her time;

  1. Where a colleague needs professional (paid) assistance that assistance will be provided by persons other than the volunteer solicitors;

  1. The assistance that will be furnished by the volunteers shall relate to the area of the solicitor’s practice.  No advice of a medical nature can be or will be furnished;

  1. The assistance being furnished by the volunteers is being furnished on a bona fide basis and in consequence no liability for any assistance or advice so furnished will attach to the said volunteer and in accepting the assistance of the volunteers the persons so doing accepts that such is the case;

  1. Any concerns about the operation of the consult a colleague website or any other issues relating to the operation of the service should be referred to the committee as set out in this web site;

  1. Volunteers may from time to time have their name removed from the list where they become unavailable for any reason;

  1. It is a matter for the solicitor seeking assistance to choose the volunteer that he or she wishes to speak to;

  1. The panel of solicitors who provide professional (paid) services to colleagues and assistants has been prepared by the committee in good faith. If any practitioner wishes to have his or her name added to the said panel please contact the committee.  If any practitioner is named in the panel who does not wish to have his or her name appearing in the panel please contact the committee to arrange for the name to be removed.

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